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coolthaihouse perimeter wall redux

image dsc20924.jpgGot a small project going on on an adjoining piece of land to the coolthaihouse. Got off to a poor start with a group of day laborers who first needed to disassemble and prepare the land to be flattened. We didn’t check the land (that they cleared the day before) until about 15 minutes before the tractor came. There was a bunch of stuff still there. Since no one around to help and tractor drivers don’t wait well, I got a work out clearing stuff off.

image dsc20925.jpgHere is the tractor guy clearing the land. The land had 31 6 wheel truck loads of fill dirt on it. The driver got it flattened in 1 hour (400 baht an hour). I’m always impressed by the tractor drivers – they show up, don’t fiddle around, and seem to get the job done quick.

image dsc20930.jpgFirst day of actual work got off to a pretty good start with post holes dug around the perimeter and a start on the rebar frames. The holes are 60 centimeters square and deep, spaced for posts at two and 1/2 meters.

Eventually going to have a storage building constructed – but for now just a perimeter wall.

Doing the project day labor, 4 persons at 250 per day apiece. With the small size of the project in reality a fixed bid is probably the easier way to go. Fixed price for a cinder block wall about 2 meters high is 500 baht a meter, labor only.

The total length of the wall is 56 meters and there will be one entry walk in gate and angled metal on top to secure barbed wire. Total overall time on the project should be 3 weeks.

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