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Steel Roof Sheeting as an Alternative to Tile

from Humphrey H Great website,well done on finishing the house. I wonder why you went for tiles on the roof instead of steel sheeting. Steel is cheap,light,permanent and most importantly-secure. It is too easy to remove tiles to gain entry to the roof space. I loved the shots of the butchered front door,mortice locks are not difficult to fit,normally. Thai tradesmen are improving, do they use power tools yet?

editor: yes, one of the downsides of the tile roofs are they aren’t entirely practical. It is a hold over from Europeans introducing the material before there were high quality alternatives. The common alternative is synthetic sheeting which I highlight here: roof info. I haven’t seen the steel sheeting used here, but I don’t doubt it would be an applicable alternative.
Yes Thai tradesmen do use power tools, for the most part are very skillful, but unfortunately, as in everything else, there are always exceptions.

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  1. hi dozer

    i dont like your new layout, i keep having to enter my details each time i comment, try ou the system yourself

    corrugated roofing

    yes entirely practical, you can get ready painted sheets but they cost 50% more around 15 baht per foot

    this sheeting was very common in australia and south africa, properly painted and maintained it will last at oeast 20 years probably 40 of 60. but its not chic

    i like the GRC sheeting not heavy and an attractive alternative very economical.

    if you are going to use tile, then i recommend having pre-formed rebar floor mats welded onto the underside of the rafters, modest additional expensse but provide a steel grating against intruders

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