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South Pattaya New Mega Building Supply Store

image dsc21393.jpgThere is a new building supply store on Sukhumvit in South Pattaya. So far it is open, but only partially finished. There is a second building coming which offers raw materials at the like. I was in there on the opening day a couple months back and it was pretty chaotic. There were plenty of service staff, but price stickers hadn’t been affixed to much and if you wanted to know the price of something you needed to wait a long while. I did manage to apply for a free VIP card which will entitle me to a 3% discount on purchases.

My visit a month later was better. They have done a good job with respect to having a lot of sample layouts of bathrooms for example. Also, most things now had price stickers. You got the feeling that you could walk around and get ideas, unlike the first visit where you were basically escorted through.

The problem as I see it is mostly in the store layout. For a rather big enterprise they’ve spent a lot of effort getting their show displays, for example sample bathrooms, in order. It is good, but when you compare it to homepro it makes one realize how well homepro is laid out by comparison. Homepro also as an area for bathroom displays, but then will supplement it with rows of multi stacked toilets, so you can get some ideas, but when push comes to shove they have the goods there to select.

As far as price, this store seemed OK, but I just looked at a couple of items. My thought is that after investing big money like this I’m sure they will be able to compete price wise eventually. Would be interested to hear from readers about price comparisons, this store vs Homepro.

I imagine it will just take them a while to get their layout in order, which will in turn bring in some customers. In any event, it is good to see some super supply stores coming into the area.

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