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Solar Fairy Tale

image solarhouse.jpgI recently responded to a question about solar by providing a link to an article about the ‘high tech machine for living’. previous article on solar high tech machine for living. Since then Robin T has provided insight based on many years of experience with solar … I summarize as follows (read full comment text following original article). My first reaction is that this article is that it is shameful poppycock. I shall launch a strong tirade against the Architect Magazine for publishing such a technically illiterate article.

Since then I’ve heard other comments from those doing solar projects here along the same lines. I’m leaving the link to the original article since solar (and the other ideas in the high tech machine for living) may indeed evolve to this level someday and become a reality. In a couple of months I hope to see (and post) a real working solar project as a part of this Spanish Style Villa with Solar.

Summary: It does indeed go to show that when seeking info on the internet, indeed the buyer must beware, even when the supposed source is a professor at a well known university.

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