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Second Story Remodel questions

from Peter Mimage steelbeam-2.jpgThe close up represents one wall of the house. There are four poles like this. For the rest of the house the hollow steel beams have been married too the original wood pillars with about one meter of depth in the interlock. Apparently, they are going to put bolts through this part which seems okay. But for the side of the house representing the close up shots they speak of putting cement around the existing placement which to me seems a bit bogus as it would be simply cosmetic. No support strength with that. *image steelbeam-3.jpgIs there a way to reinforce this situation, ie cement walls, more steel. Wider concrete birth for the poles. Right now it looks a little scary. Any comments or advice is most welcome. Another silly question. When people discuss the sqm of their house does it include the second floor? Or is the second floor considered separately.

editor: Will leave it open for readers – but if I was doing a two story with a situation like this I would get an independent engineer to come in. They aren’t that expensive and can come check, verify the solution that the contractor wants to put in place and recommend a solution. If you go this route, make sure the guy that you engage is an actual licensed engineer.

square footage: it is added together ie. 100 sq. meters ground floor + 100 sq. meters second story = you have a 200 sq. meter house.


  1. Hi I entirely agree with Dozer, you should stop all work on this immediately and very firmly – say you not pay any more money – usually gets their attention. If you get any arguments or impertinence go straigth to the local council (tessaban) and explain that you are very worried. They will have a licensed engineer and should be sympathetic. You must, by law get a licensed engineer to approve any structural work above the ground floor (the exclusion is with the traditional wooden first floor construction). You are quite right to be suspicious, the method offered is BS

    Dont forget that you do get freak whirlwinds up country that can rip off roofs, so iff your upper storey is not structurally sound it may fail causing injury, loss of life, property damage – surely you want to sleep easy at night. As a falang you cannot afford to take the same ignorant risks that locals do. Any third party negligence and they will have the skin off your back.

    Take Dozers advice

    good luck

  2. added for Peter M Have taken Robin T’s advice and consulted with an official engineer. Will keep you posted on the results once the inspection has taken place!

    Once again, thanks for the great site. Its made life a million times easier!


    peter m.

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