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Second Story Remodel follow up

From Peter M follow up on original post–> second story remodel questions Just a follow up note. The structural consultant came to look at my house. He’s an old engineering classmate of my good thai friend and he specializes in assessing structural frameworks for factories and huge buildings.

He spent about 2 hours looking over the place. And the word is that the contractor knows what he is doing! He did make a series of suggestions for framework, wielding and reinforcement as well as the usage of Non-Chink Cement. Also, he stated that the second floor walls of the house need to be done in light material as the structure cannot support otherwise.

I’m not sure if the price was average but I paid 2,800 baht and he will do a follow up for free in a couple of weeks.

So I now have peace of mind for a small fee and the contractors will be kept on their toes because of a future follow up meeting.

editor: professional engineers do indeed earn their keep!


  1. I presume the “Thai engineer” was not in any way connected with the contractor?

    It seem he gave you a verbal opinion?

    For that money I would insist on a written report, properly signed and stamped with his licence seal (but then I am a bar steward like that”. Then you have something that goes with your house

    Notwithstanding (ha ha) your original building’s foundatiuons were aonly single storey probably 0.5 meters deep so he is quite right to insist on a lightweight structure above. If you start adding weight your foundations will try and settle some more, how much depends on your sub soil conditions.

  2. Thanks Robin. The written report is definitely a must. The consultant is an a classmate friend of mine whose an engineer. He has asked the contractor to replace some other structural posts. When the contractor asked for more money, I told him it was his responsibility to ensure his work was 100% safe and I’d only pay for the materials.

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