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Robin T: Tile Info

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roof pitch

There are several constraints

a) must be >20 degrees b) should be < 60 degrees

Shallow pitch = Less area/tiles (less cost) Greater load on rafters, must be thicker or more numerous ,(more cost) Tile placement more stable an unaffected by wind

Steep pitch = 50% more tiles (more cost) Less load on rafters (less cost) Less stable tile placement

So what is the ideal roof pitch?

tile types

(note; for enlargement click on the pictures)

We call these Single Roman (I cant see how these overlap)
!@— image rt04001.jpg !@—

Pan tiles (very unreliable) !@— image rt04002.jpg !@—

Spanish (nightmare) !@— image rt04003.jpg !@—

Dark blue BMW tiles !@— image rt04004.jpg !@—

Double Romans !@— image rt04005.jpg !@—

going from memory, I think the double roman has an interlocking crossection like this but I cant remember how they overlap lengthwise !@— image rt04006.jpg !@—

here is what I think happens, a 50 % overlap !@— image rt04007.jpg !@—

Close-up showing how the tiles interlock here is what I think happens, a 50 % overlap !@— image rt04008.jpg !@—


This shows the nibs underneath holding the tiles against the battens. Sometimes these have wire holes !@— image rt04009.jpg !@—

Here is an option showing only a 20% overlap, why not? !@— image rt04010.jpg !@—

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