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Robin T: Think Before Doing

Robin T sounds off “what happens to Falang brains when they arrive at Don Meung” answer “they leave then in the left luggage”

It’s always a constant source of frustration and annoyance that Newbies come here find some tilac and want to move up country and build a house blah blah

Of course they start asking around among their new bar fly friends and get all kinds of BS. In a month this dumbo knows everything because he’s graduated from the school of Heineken or Singha and was a bit of a DIY anyway

Well you don’t need to know the rest of the scenario because Dumbo knows everything.

So my question is,

When you say, design your house first, draw up a contract, get structural approval etc Why is this conventional entirely regular advice completely ignored?????

You couldn’t get away with it in the UK?

and BTW, some of these Dumbos actually held senior responsible management jobs – they are the worst – totally besotted by tilac

Editor: OK, maybe this is a bit harsh, but you gotta agree at least in principle. Foreigners do tend to cut corners here departing from common sense, the first issue being property ownership. Then it just gets worse from there. There is a constant background theme song playing “Mai pen rai, Mai pen rai, Mai pen rai, no money no ATM card, you go home, Mai pen rai”. And unfortunately a lot of the people who get the shaft can’t really afford it. My advice is simple, when coming here make sure that you use the muscle between your ears for thinking.

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