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Retired UK Soldier seeks House

from Rob hi retired uk soldier seeks,,villa quiet area swimming pool garden garden walled gatedlotsa flowers trees 3 bedrooms good furniture cool tiled floors et etc and on can y help

editor: There are plenty of new developments around here with OK quality/prices. One I saw that I like has 3 models from 1.6 to 2.2 million bhat, with a nice common pool area, gated, etc. Keep in mind that if you buy into a new development you will need to get your own furniture. Buying used is also a possibility, but the discount isn’t that much. Better to seek out a quality development on your own.

You would need to be here to find a place. If you come send me an email and I can hook you up with someone to help take you around and look at places.

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  1. Hi Rob You dont say how familiar you are with Thailand or Pattaya? You are retired so you have all the time to suit yourself. Rent somewhere on a monthly basis. There are some very nice new appartment blocks for under 10k/month all in. Use it as a base then spend 6 months studying the are. Get as many opinions on a particular area you fancy. Check, check and check again. Dont listen to talking heads in bars. Just take it easy. Use the old boy network, many of use have been around for 20 years+ and its frustrating when newcomers dont listen to sound advice.

    Watch this site, maybe build your own

    btw, when you rent, if you dont like the neighbours you can always move on quickly.

    Good luck

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