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Required Brown Out Gear

image img_0507a.jpgThere are a lot of brown outs here, where there is a sudden and sustained drop in the voltage being output. It can last from just a second to several hours. Before I got the UPS system, I had all kinds of weird problems with the computer, like freeze-up and other bizarre and erratic behavior. These apparently were being caused by short term temporary voltage drops, the UPS has solved this problem. During a brown out there is an indicator that the battery back up is in use, sometimes these can just be a second or two.

Another thing I got recently which I just had a chance to use is battery free flash light. This I bought at the night market on Thepprasit for 99 baht. You shake it periodically to have it store power, it puts out a low intensity but adequate light. Last night there was a prolonged brown out that started at about 3 AM. The first thing that happens is the ceiling fan starts slowing down and making funny noises, as the electric isn’t powerful enough to keep it going. All lighting is inoperable, including the night lights so it is pitch black. That’s where I got my first chance to use the handy dandy never fail shake to power it light. Tremendous, stupendous!

The next thing that always goes wrong is the automatic pressure driven pump activates and the engines starts making an erratic whining noise. At this point the pump needs to be turned off or it will burn itself out. This seems like it is a common problem, since at least the neighbors here have the same problem. Any clues on how to solve this problem are appreciated!

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  1. I think I have a solution to the pump burn out problem; will research it in the next couple of weeks & advise.

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