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Rebar Frames for the Foundation Column

image dsc20179.jpg These shots came from a little rebar frame assembly operation located many miles from the building site. This type of frame is slightly different from the type used on a single story building. This is super heavy duty 16 hun rebar of the ‘oie’ variety. The word ‘oie’ is the same Thai word used for sugar cane and just means that the face of the rebar isn’t smooth. When the face of the rebar is in a pattern like this it adds strength – and therefore would be slightly more expensive than the corresponding smooth variety. Notice how the cross supports are hand tied in place. This particular length of rebar framing was about 6 meters.

image dsc20178.jpgHere is a shot of the footing that will sit in the post hole of the foundation support columns.

These rebar frames are used during the construction of a house (or building) to add strength to the foundation support column. They are set in the post hole and then a foundation support column is poured around them. You can see this process at the info on foundation columns section.

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