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Reader Dave’s Double Wall

from Dave I’d think that a double wall with a center empty area would allow an area for insects and rodents to live. I suspect this is the primary reason for not using compound walls. You’d be better off using the airated concrete blocks.

Double Wall Construction

As an experiment, I built my guest house with an outer wall double thickness of red bricks (red bricks being much stronger than blocks). The total outer wall thickness is then about 20 cm. It’s somewhat more expensive, but cooler. Even with the house in direct sun, only a fan is needed to keep decently cool. (I also used 1 inch concrete roof tiles with 10 cm glass fiber insulation, and an attic floor made from paan samlet covered with a 5 cm thickness of concrete).

I suppose that an outer wall concrete shield (such as I have seen in books for SW US houses) would preform as a nice heat shield. But I didn’t try that yet.

editor: Double thickness brick walling sounds like a great idea for sturdiness and to keep it cool!

CPAC trucked in cement better than hand mix

Using cement hand made from bags is not cost effective compared to CPAC. Not only is the quality worse, but the time to make by hand results in higher labor costs. The total cost adding the labor plus the cement/conrete for CPAC is cheap and better. And having been on the brunt of a bad contractor, prevents intentionally poor work.

editor: Oh oh, another bad contractor! It does seem that CPAC would be more consistent. It would be most appropriate for driveways, flooring, walkways and other jobs that can be prepped ahead of time (unlike wall stucco which requires hand mix).


  1. Hi Dave Absolutely right, hand mixing is poor stuff. I wouldnt entertain it for structural concrete. Of course a CPAC truck delivers about 3m3 i think so you have to be well prepared to receive such an amount

    Hand mixing may be ok for plastering and floor screeding. Its usually the women who mix the cement – WOW A cement mixer is better, about 10,000 baht

    Could you make some kind of sketch showing your construction methods for the double wall and roof Almost any format will do, send it to Dozer



  2. I’ll send you something when I get back to Thailand.

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