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Reader building project when not around

from Mike B

Just a note to say what a good site you have set up, and that I am returning to Thailand in December to seek out builders in the north east, to build a house of our own on land we bought earlier this year. The first thing I was going to do was build the perimeter walls, so your pages on costs etc was quite informative. The problem I have is that I cannot be there all the time and have to build in visit at various stages of the project, once I have found a builder, and agreed some sort of programme. I already have the drawings/plans for the house, which are already in Thai. The other alternative is leaving the wife in Thailand while the building is taking place to monitor progress/ materials etc..

Thanks again for a great informative site

editor: from my experience this is one of the very frustrating aspects of Thai developers. Projects just don’t go smoothly when you’re not on site daily (at least for 10 or 20 minutes a day). All manor of time savings and material corner cutting devices will be put in to place. Not only that, there will be questions the developer has — but since you’re not there they will just proceed on their intuition. Yes, the plan should lay everything out exactly, but it doesn’t seem to come down like that here — as it clearly would in other countries. Leaving the Thai wife here is a better alternative, but, again from my experience, this approach also doesn’t work that well. If you must resort to this, be sure to hook up easy internet access and have the wife take at least 10 pictures a day so you can examine the details yourself. Please keep me informed of your progress.

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  1. I think the simple answer is that if you cant be there to supervise the essentials, then stop work. It simply isnt worth the nightmare of a substandard result. Ive lived up country for 5 years and I have observed a common trait (not just aimewd at falnags). work will start with a flurry, all will go well for a few days but in that time they are watching you as much as you should be watching them. You will find that productivity starts to tail off, particularly if thwe Foreman has other work. If you observe a thai (or better still a thai-chinese) owner, he is always there watching like a hawk.

    Im afraid there are no shortcuts. Its like driving a bus, the driver has to be there the whole time or the bus slows to a halt in a ditch.

    Why not start with a perimeter chain link fence, you could re-use it as the upper part of the main conctrete block wall when you have time.

    good luck


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