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Raft Foundation Construction Method

image carport2-bottom_191.jpgA few more thoughts on raft foundation construction. Raft foundation construction is typically used overseas and is starting to migrate here as a ‘better way to do it’. It is one of the first decisions to make when planning your house. As we track the progress of Attila’s house, he has graciously supplied a step by step photo journal showing a raft foundation being constructed in 8 steps. Simply put, the foundation is laid down as the image shows, allowing the structure to ‘float’.

The forum link to Attila’s raft foundation is here: raft construction, a convert

In this technique of building the walls become load bearing, since there are no foundation posts. The technique is useful in less than optimum soil conditions (ie. rice paddy) or areas where a lot of fill dirt has been used. The reason is that the foundation now floats on the surface. With the foundation columns there can be stress cracks — or worse in poor soil conditions.

This raft construction is ‘definitely a better way to do it’ in my opinion. That being said, the normal foundation column method is normally fine given average soil conditions. There are still relatively few builders who do it this way, it will add to the cost of construction (mostly labor) and may not be necessary. We will be keeping an eye out for cost effective all Thai construction teams using this method.

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