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prefabricated steel frame building

Any experience with steel construction? Planning on building a house in Phuket. Came across this website: Pros? Cons?

editor. I checked out the website. Without doing in-depth analysis of it, it is a bit hard to comment, but at first blush I would be extremely wary. Keep in mind that the standard build here uses a lot of steel in the floor, wall and for the roof truss of the building. Further, you can supplement the thickness of the steel used. I would think that there wouldn’t be a strength advantage. I notice they talk about speed, yes, with a prefabricated steel frame this would be an advantage. It sounds like what they are really selling is convenience and time savings. I would be sure to get competing bids from reliable contractors and do a serious cost analysis.

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  1. This company seems to advertise it using Australian steel framing technology. For one who is serious about steel frame fabricating steel structure could be with a quite different practice here, so it is worth to check how they do it. I will put more attention on the roof truss. If bolted joint is used, see to it that they use the designed fittings, no substitutes. If welded joint is applied, QC is important especially the field welds. Steel members can escape rust and corrosion but the joints may not. Also make sure they have a proper design that accepts the roof tile that you like or that is available in the market. There should be no requirements for special form of tiles or flashing at all as they may cause long-term leakage problem. And do not allow the builder to seal off difficult corners by moulding cement on it. The slope of roof should be within the allowable limit to avoid ingression of wind blown shower. My last comment is to get comments of those who have lived in the house built by the company. …Anuwat

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