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Prefabricated circular foundation column

image dsc20673.jpgPoured foundation columns are the sturdiest and highest quality way to go. But sometimes there are jobs which don’t require a poured column, for example a covered driveway. Or as this shot shows, a decorative circular column is used in the entryway.

The normal (and best) type of foundation column is the poured column, which requires form wood. The least expensive type of foundation column is the preformed cement column which has thin rebar preinserted in the column. These hollow round circular columns fit somewhere in the middle of the quality spectrum.

image dsc20670.jpgWhat you are looking at here in this job is a covered parking area that will use a series of these foundation columns as a support for the roof structure. There is some wood supports wired in place to prevent breakage during the concrete pour into these hollow columns. The metal you see extruding from the top is 4 hun rebar strips.

image dsc20667.jpgThe support columns are anchored in a concrete base, as shown here.

image dsc20671.jpgA close up of the circular column. The diameter is measured at the narrowest point (the top) and they a sized in inches. There are 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ inch diameters.

There are two things to note about these type of columns. First off they are very sturdy, of course depending on the thickness of the rebar used. Secondly, there really is no easy way to pour a round column without a form like these offer.

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