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Peter R to Build in Udon

from reader Peter R HI, Thanks for sharing the info on yr great site. I am in the process of building in near Udon Thani. I would have rather contracted the place out BUT all the builders I spoke to wanted to a/ Incorporate their own ideas which didn’t suit me and B/ wanted a margin of around 500 K to 1million to build ie on top of costs of around 1,000,000 baht. I certainly don’t mind paying something for procurement and running the site but not that much. So gone ahead and designed my own place. Ground works done now, well drilled and starting on footings and slab this week. As the site is 500 km from BKK, it will mean a lot of running up and down BUT, I am determined to get what I want. I will keep a diary of progress and happy to share the drawings and diary with yourself. I am not a builder (although have built one house before) but a mechanical engineer. Kind Regards

Yes, thanks and please share your progress with us. Send in a couple of pics along with any progress notes and I’ll put them up.


  1. Peter thanks for your info. My wife and I will be settling in Udon Thani in Feb ’05. We already have a piece of land just up the road from the Udon Orchid Farm and will be looking for an architect and builder to work with on the house. I am concerned over your post re: the builders. Were you unable to locate any reliable builders in the Udon Thani area? Have you tried in the the surrounding cities (Nong Khai etc)?

  2. For what its worthto you .We went thru this over the past 2 month.I checked out and got quotes from 5 builders . I settled not nessecarily on the cheapest one ,but one the one I felt most comfortable with . The young(!) man was educated in Canada (Engineering) ,speaks excellent English ,so understands what I am talking about ,has e-mail and sends me pictures ,updates etc via e-mail. We started building about 2 weeks ago in Nong Wua So ,about 20km West of Udon .I can not be present while the house goes up so the peace =of mind and confidence in the abilities was of high importance to me. I saw several house he had buils and watched him doing his work for about 2 month at my friend Thomas at “Thomas Resort” -3 km east of Big C at the expasion of the resort. Go check it out at Thomas place and be welcome to go and look at our ongoing work. The mans name is Grit Suwa, tel.01-5446438 ,or .Tell him that Juergen send you and he will be glad to talk to you .Also you can call Phangsri and ask her to give directions to our building site (06-6414366) hope this helps .I will be back in Feb ,if you want to get together.

  3. Peter thanks for the update. We would love to get together with you when we return in Feb/Mar. My wife and I will be looking for an architect and a builder for our home. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
    We plan to take the advise of many of our friends and will be present during construction of the house as we will be retired and not on any fixed schedule. We would like to explore using Superblock in the construction of the house in order to provide insulation as we will be air conditioning most the entire home. Have you come across anyone in Udon familiar with working with this material? Which architect did you use to design the house? Our property is located just off of route 2024 (Lang Wat Pho Rd) which is the highway between Udon and Ban Nong Samrong. The Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm is located on this same road. We are approximately 1 Km north of the ring road. I expect to be staying at the Napalai hotel upon our arrival. Look forward to meeting you and your wife.

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