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Peter M who pays for tools

from Peter M Small but important little question. When you arrange to buy all the materials and just pay for labor, what happens when you get handed bills for new drill bits and so forth? Isn’t that an expense a contractor would assume?

editor: Anytime that you subcontract it is assumed that the contractor will supply all tools. This doesn’t apply to daily labor. The best bet there is to make sure that the laborer has tools up front and negotiate up front who pays for tools if/when needed.

They are just trying to ‘slip one in on you’. Best to hold tough, as in the end it will help the next falang customer. Anyone negotiating a contract would be wise to spell this out also……

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  1. A skilled craftsmen must have his own hand and power tools necessary to for his trade. Its wise to inspect these before hand as its a good indication of his skill. Example a Tiler, should have his trowels (in nice worn condition) his level edge and an angle grinder tile cutter. He is responsible for the disc (normally no problem)

    An electrician for example will amongst other things have his own power drill and proper masonary bits. The real bits are quite expensive a set costing 1000 Baht and last a very long time with skilled use. There are many cheap and nasty copies not worth anything . An electrician should not try and bill you for broken bits, thats his fault, however its always wise to state up front exactly what you will pay for.

    Wood drills, the same thing applies. A proper carpenter will have his own tools and proper drill bits

    As always, if they can see an angle they will try it on.

    Always try to get it in writing up front. Its a hassle, but the spoken word means nothing

    You cannot take anything for granted.


    Robin T

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