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Peter M: Use of colorant mixed with concrete

latest from Peter M (see link about his project following) My wife and I are planning to do a modern floor on ground level which would imply simply having bare concrete with a urethane layer. You see this often now in trendy urban cafes.

My questions are do you think there is a way to add color to the concrete floor either during the mix or after?

Second, to do a basic concrete floor pour (over an existing foundation) any idea how much would be the cost (85 sqm. approx).

Robin T: I’ve seen this done in a shop I had rented. you probably have to reckon on re painting every year of 2 depending on the amount of traffic. I once tried to get hold of that special concrete paint they use in main car service bay (like isuzu, toyota etc. Its a kind of light grey stuff with a rubbery feel to it – very durable (could be linoleum paint?) daresay it would show up in google.

Robin T: You can add paint dyes to PU (thats what they do for wood varnish). I don’t know how dense the colour would be. If its a light colour it will quickly show surface wear and look unsightly. PU does not like a damp floor and would go cloudy

Robin T: Have you thought of adding marble terrazzo chippings to your cement float? The floor is then finished off with a sanding machine (sometimes called granolithic flooring but a cheaper version)

editor: There are some good concrete colorants, the same type which are being used in the California Spanish house project, brand Bayer. One problem you always have with colorants is color consistency, but in theory it is a great idea.

editor: As far as the concrete floor there are a lot of variables. You can get the large cement trucks (CPAC) to come out for and they aren’t that expensive but don’t have a cost – it is about the same cost (in the end) as the hand mix but more consistent. You’ll need to check to see about getting dye mixed using CPAC, or likely you’ll have to go with hand mix (because of the dye requirement). Make sure your contractor uses tied rebar mesh as support and not the rolls (which are poor quality). I like the idea of the raw concrete floor with dye mixed in – take a picture when it is done.

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