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Peter M: More second story remodel questions

From Peter M last posts here: second story remodel follow up second story remodel questions

editor: this post has questions from Peter M and feedback from Robin T

Peter M – Question: The engineer recommended not to use cement (BLOCKS?)for the second floor for structural reasons but suggested I go with the original construction style which is grc with a wood or steel frame. A little ugly,…The sheetrock (we call this plasterboard in uk) is for the ceiling. But I’ve done a bit of sheetrock installation in my student years and used it on walls too but the locals seem to think grc is a better way to go for interior and than either artifical wood…sherah or wood.(assume you mean plywood coated with an artificial wood finish?)

Peter M – Question: I noticed that sheetrock also comes with aluminum foil on one side..tends to be about 60 baht more and is suppose to keep things cool. Any idea?

Robin T: What size are these boards 2m x 1m? Personally I have not seen plasterboard that size up country. If it is the alu lined stuff then it should be ok for walls with the alu side facing outwards(reflects heat away). Its used in uk all the time

Ive never seen grc sheets used for an interior wall lining, but I guess it could work. I would prefer the coated plywood (watch out for termites). This is used in the States a lot.

Peter M- Question: I remember you mentioned that you didn’t insulate your roof. My contractor seems to think because my ceiling is quite high 12-18 meters that it wouldn’t be necessary…Any take on that?

Robin T: WOW that’s a high ceiling? Are you building an airport lounge? I think the suspended ceiling is a good option and you can get into the roof void easily. I would also recommend some natural ventilation high up to let the accumulated heat out. Perhaps a ceiling tile with perforations or even 16″ wall extractor fan. Don’t forget that the roof void must also have ventilator panels usually in the gable end to equalise wind pressure quickly and let the heat out If your ceiling is that high, you don’t need insulation just ventilation

Peter M comment: Just a small note. Not sure if you are interesting in bringing in any commercial sponsorship but I would think your site would be very interesting to HOMEPRO, HOMEWORK or such places. It would definitely ad to your sites exposure and up the numbers of interested members. Also, simply its such an amazing resource and I can bet that more than 75 per cent of the farang stumbling around the aisles of such institutions would be thankful to find your site.

Robin T: I agree, although Dozer wants to stay non commercial. However one can get a lot of useful help from the big boys, only too happy to see their products used properly.

Peter M: I found a very inexpensive place on Ramintra Road in bangkok that has building materials for 35% per cent cheaper than anywhere else in bkk. They also do glass in a big way. Its about the size of a Lotus and is privately owned. I realize your site stays away from numbers (which is good I think…but a list of places to buy from might be handy.

Robin T: Yeah great, where abouts is it

editor: gut feel is: insulation not necessary but won’t hurt either. If you have one particular room you want to use A/C in put the blanket insulation directly above the drywall to keep the cold air in. I like grc sheeting for walls better than the sheetrock as it is more durable (although brittle).

as far as sponsorship of the site, I’m all ears. Thanks for the suggestions.


  1. Dear Robin & Dozer: Thanks kindly for the added information. Building a house in a foreign country is a bit isolating and this site and its members brings great solace! To answer Robin’s questions. The 240Lx120W sheets of R-19 aluminium side grc was found in the shop across from Town In Town beside the Ramintra Road. The entire business card is in Thai so I will have to find someone to translate. Apparently, at 185 baht a sheet it was a great deal. As mentioned they do glass and aluminum siding and windows as well.

    I also went out and bought some insulation blankets which will attach directly below the roofing giprock. Plus, I will adopt Robin’s suggestion to draw out the interior heat that will naturally congregate in the upper atmospheres of my ‘Cathedral’ ceilings. As well as putting exhaust fans in the attic portion to draw the air out.

    I work with large companies in thailand doing new media promotional stuff such as cdroms, videos and web-related products. That’s why I thought one of the larger ‘Western’ style stores would be interested. As with most assimilations here, the lights are on but house is often vacant. And when you go to their website or try to find English speaking customer service staff its completely useless.

    For me its the sponsorship would be just a means to broaden your members base and give the less informed a chance to be connected to It’s really up to Dozer what he would choose to do with the sponsorship since this wonderful site is his baby.

    Any ways, thanks once again for the info!

  2. Hi Peter, Doze

    I have seen these insulation blankets used very effectively right up against a grc ptiched roof, ie there was no false ceiling. This was ain a supermarket. If these blankets werent there then the reflected heat would have been like an oven. It had an open wide shop fron, no ceilings fans, only an exhaust fan at one gable end. Worked fine. The insulation was like a quilted blanket and was wired onto the steel rafters, crude but it worked. I think it was luminised, will try to get some piccies next time.

    Please supply detils if you can of the size of the blamket, thickness, construction details (what is the insulation material, aluminised coated etc, built like a quilted bedspread, how much and anythings else useful – discount for quanitity?

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