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Peter M: Bad contractor gets worse

Peter M – the project continuesI like the new site look…very clean and contemporary! Member base seems to grow.

Anyways, a quick update on my housing project.

After my big confrontation with my lazy contractor two weeks ago about completing the project and doing a good job or else…he put on a good show for about four days. Actually had more than 3 people on site, visited everyday and work seemed to be progressing.

A couple of days ago my wife and I did a careful tour of the building to inspect the work. We were not very happy. Carelessness and just plain sloppy in many parts. It was obvious that the majority of the crew were not craftsman but simply joe hacks.

And worst of all …the garbage from the site that I told him to dispose of and actually paid him to remove we noticed below one of our rear windows in the vacant lot behind our house! It really confirmed our feelings of the jerk and his crew.

The sad thing is that materials are expensive and if they are not worked with well…you lose time, lose money…new materials, new people to redo.

The work is 75% finished and we paid him half of the final amount. And told him to please stop and leave. We are hoping the 25% that we withheld will go to fixing his mistakes.

The only redeeming part of the experience so far has been the electrician who is incredibly professional, reasonable in price, excellent quality workmanship and actually employed more men than my stupid contractor. We only hope that we can find his counterpart to finish the job of our home.

Yes, sounds like you are better to cut your losses. One bad side effect of changing out contractors is that the project loses some continuity and the new contractors will come in and join you in badmouthing the previous guy and lamenting on how they have to rip out everything and do it over again. (not that you have any choice in this case!) Hopefully won’t happen in your case. Getting good solid recommendations, before work starts – is a real art. I’ve been stung a few times when I thought I had a fairly solid recommendation – but not solid enough! Glad there is something to hold back anyway.

Send me over some pictures of your project when you get a second, I’d like to see how it is progressing.

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