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Bad builders everywhere

This just in from one of Cruzing’s friends in the USA, it is the story of the rebuilding of a house which was lost by natural disaster — her house was lost in a big fire almost 2 years ago that destroyed many homes. Even though it doesn’t involve anything to do with building in the LOS (land of smiles), it does show that sometimes things go wrong even in other places with regards to the rebuilding.

The house is coming along still slower than molasses. Lots of problems along the way. The new builders told us maybe by Christmas the house may be completed. In the mean time our insurance living expenses will be cut off exactly 2 years to date Oct. 26 the day of Cedar Storm Fires. But it pays to pray to God because St. Gregory Catholic Church is going to pay for our living expenses for the month of Nov. and Dec. We had to terminate our first builder because the house was being built by illegals who couldn’t speak English or read the architect’s plan. Everything was built wrong. ie Missing beam in the living room, windows were put in crooked, air condition ducts not installed correctly, walls were not true but most of all the vendors (ie roofers, concrete foundation, sub contractors etc.) were not being paid. We now have a new builders and paid over $50,000 to redo the last builders’ mistakes. We will not take them to court until we get back into the house. We are in litigation with our State Farm insurance at the moment. It’s a mess and it will be over 2 years of legal battles. Our attorney alone will take 40% of what we get from the insurance.

Yes you can share our experiences with your friends. The most important factor when you hire a contractor is that they have a project manager who at the site everyday to oversee the work. The first builder was suggested by our State Farm Insurance. They were wonderful people when we started and they were a small builder who built maybe about 10 homes a year. They were the builder to finish the first house in the Scripps Ranch area and got a lot of publicity from it. All of the sudden they got 40 homes to build and they did not have enough subcontractors to do the work so they started hiring illegals. The other problem is that they got greedy. They took our $130,000 and other fire survivors monies and bought several lots in the Del Mar area thinking they would quickly build homes and then sell them quickly for profit. The problem was that the rains came early in San Diego which slowed the rebuilding of Scripps Ranch homes and their Del Mar homes. Basically they robbed Peter to pay Paul. We would not have noticed if it wasn’t for the lien notices from the vendors ie windows, roofing materials and the concrete foundation. The first down payment of $130,000 was to pay the vendors and the first builders (New Horizon Builders of Poway) never paid them. If your contractor does not pay their vendors…the vendors come after the owners of the house. We finally hired a structural engineer to tell us what was going on in the house. We were shocked on how sloppy and unethical this contractor was. The structural engineer has taken over 80 pictures of mistakes and documented them for evidence for later lawsuit after we settle with State Farm Insurance. I can only handle one litigation at a time. It is unbelieveable that people who are already down on their luck would be taken advantage again. But also their are people who don’t really know us that has given us gifts and monies. I do have deep faith and hope that we will be in before the Christmas holidays. After seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I feel blessed in what I have.


  1. Iam sorry for what happened to your friend but i know the owner of that company and i know that he lost everything he hhad building the homes from that fire. He took on a partner who took him for everything and then left the company scott-free

    This builder has since re-financed his home 3 times in order to finish all of the homes he had under contract and is about to lose his home and buisness.

    I also no that he would never hire illegal workers and that if you got his side of the story you would find him to be very honest, His e-mail is

    God Bless us all

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