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Ongoing Spam Viruses and other fun stuff

Back posting soon. Been ultra busy lately, ergo. no time to go through emails and do my regular posts. In addition to a land project which is starting up, I’ve been plagued by all manner of spam. Mostly there are two types which are problematic; 1.) virus emails which have some kind of text encouraging one to open the attachement such as this one:


, You are currently unable to send emails. This may be a billing issue. Please call the billing center. The # for the billing office is located in the attached contact list for your convenience. ATTENTION: YOUR EMAIL IS NOT BEING DELIVERED!

It is all fun and games except that I can get upwards of 100 per day of variations on this theme. For this one I may periodically change my email address and only allow contract via the feedback form.

2.) The other new one is trackback spam which is basically a type of comment on the blog. These are generated by spambots and again some days there are upwards of 100 of these, mostly for some on line gambling or on line drug sales.

To cut to the chase I’m about the upgrade the blog software which I may be at for a couple of days. It is radically different from the previous version. I’ll be back at you in a couple of days.

Also, I’ve been thinking about the ultimate direction of the site. Will be posting on this soon.

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