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One step ahead of the comment spammers

These comment spammers are just super annoying. For the most part, there are a bunch of automated ‘bots’ running around out there that hit everyone’s blog. They post comments trying to sell Viagra or on-line poker. My first stab at stopping them was to use a feature of wordpress which would automatically route offending emails to a moderation queue (depending on a list of key words or IP addresses).

The problem with this approach I soon discovered was that I needed to still spend all this time sorting through notifications of comments which needed to be approved. I just cannot sort through and delete another 80 comments from Mr. poker. There are various ways of handling the situation, but the only one that seems workable for now it requiring registration to post comments.

Please try out this new method of posting comments. All registration material is held in strict confidence and email addresses are never displayed.

When something as good as the internet comes along there’s always got to be some assholes out there who try to spoil it.

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