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“No Picture” Paranoia Prevalent here in Thailand

image img_0048.jpgThis sign is telling people ‘Do not under any circumstances take pictures or make any other recordings in an effort to copy the houses in this project under strict penalties. The management reserves the right to prosecute those who violate this rule and will pursue the case in court as far as possible’. It does indeed seem to me there is undue paranoia with regards to taking pictures in and around housing developments.

At first I thought it was to do with management wanting to ‘hide’ defective construction techniques, but now I just think there is a kind of illogical paranoia among well healed Chinese-Thai developers.

I mean as a matter of practice if you want to keep a house design secret, you can’t really build it can you? And once it is built, the secret is ‘out’ I would think. It can bear no relation to other trade secrets, such as McDonald’s secret sauce, for example.

The development in question has put up about 7 houses, all exactly the same design, which I haven’t seen done before. Normally there is some slight alteration between models, or even the shifting of an entry door from one side to the other. Not here, exactly the same. But, in any event, this no picture thing is fairly constant between developments.

I just don’t see any possibility that some competitor is going to come in and secretly take photos of a development and then copy it exactly which then somehow could cause the original developer to lose business. It isn’t the way it works with architecture usually. For what I’ve seen, developments are all normally a little bit to a lot different. But anyway, in the event you did want to copy a place, it would just be a matter of sending your architect to look at it and design one ‘like that’.

Is it just plain paranoia or is there something to this ‘keep it secret’ Thai way of doing things?

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