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Natural Stone Perimeter Wall

image dsc20225.jpgThis is an example of a higher end option for perimeter walls. Please see detailed construction tips and other ideas for perimeter walls. This is a nice way to do a wall for a high end house. Note that this wall is in the process of being constructed and the security metal has not yet been installed between the posts.

image dsc20226.jpgThis is a close up of the stone surface.

image dsc20227.jpgAt the top of the surface a plastic pvc conduit extends. This will house electric wire so that lamps can be attached to the top of the post.

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  1. I have seen the wall now finished with railings and lights. It looks very good. Owner told me railing are aluminum. These are quite expensive but eliminate corrosion & and only paint would need maintaining. Anyone have experience of cast iron or steel railings (not stainless) that may be cheaper than aluminum?

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