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image dsc20817.jpgThis is a continuation of this article: garbage situation. This is the road coming into the cool thai house. It is actually pretty garbage free. There is currently a recognition of the garbage problem in the area, and it is being addressed — slowly but surely. On this road there are sometimes government sponsored work programs where a truck load of people will come in to pick up trash.

image dsc20818.jpgProblems remain. One thing is often Thais will, unfortunately, not think twice about just tossing out some trash wherever they might be. It isn’t everyone, but it is bad enough that you do get some road trash like this around.

image dsc20826.jpgThen there is the occasional truck that just pulls of to the side of the road and dumps a load. Someone tried to burn this batch, but it didn’t really take since it is mostly non burnable construction residue. Obviously not good, since the next guy will just think — great — this is a dump site, and add his little bit.

image dsc20816.jpgThen here a drainage ditch which has been used for a long time for dumping stuff. This is one of those sites which have been grandfathered in, so folks just figure it a convenient place to do some dumping.

image dsc20805.jpgAnother common one is where a land owner needs to raise the level of his property. He then will allow dumping of garbage, which is used as fill. What he is after is clean construction fill, but obviously you’ll get all kinds of garbage mixed in. The dirt in this land was previously sold off — now it could be used as fill dump for years and never come up to ground level. By having these types of ‘non-official’ dumps around, sometimes people become confused. If they see even one load of garbage somewhere they might think they can just add to it… compounding the problem.

image dsc20824.jpgThen there is Jomtien beach area, which seems to have the worst garbage problem. This is a government sign that warns ‘no dumping allowed’ — much like I’d like to get on some of the ad-hoc dump sites around here.

I previously noted that there were an ad-hoc garbage dump springing up right next to my house. I went out and took a stab at cleaning it up while Mrs. Dozer went and talked with the suspected culprits. They said it was probably their children. Happy news: the next day the spot was completely cleaned up (like pristine jungle again).

The garbage situation in Pattaya isn’t all that bad in comparison to some other areas, but it isn’t where it should be yet. The government is trying to address it. Just heard a public service radio commercial on ‘Keeping Pattaya Clean’.

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