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Low cost Thai construction

image dsc20540.jpgAround the corner from the cool thai house a regular Thai house is going up. It is very inexpensive and, for the price, very durable long lasting construction. Normally not up to expat standards, you might consider this technique for an outbuilding, storage building or other application.

image dsc20170.jpgThis is the standard technique used to put up Thai style apartments like this one. The roofing material will be the Synthetic roof sheets which come in various qualities and prices. They do not require a heavy duty roof truss as they are very very light compared to tile. The roof truss in these style applications can be made of wood or metal.

image dsc20549.jpgOn this shot you can see the roof truss which here is made of metal. The foundation posts are prefabricated posts which are set in a post hole much the same way as a poured post. By using the prefabricated posts the building isn’t as durable but there is a lot of money saved in rebar support metal. Due to the overall light weight of the structure (compared to one with a cement tile roof) the building will normally hold up pretty good. The walls will be done with the cement blocks.

image dsc20548.jpgHere you can see the floor area. There are concrete footings poured between the prefabricated foundation posts. In a building like this normally floor tile will be used, with squatters in the bathrooms.

The bottom line as far as cost: somewhere around 3,000 baht per square meter finished. This building will be finished off for around 200,000 baht +.


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