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Land Ownership for Babies

from John Have a question, I wish to purchase land and put this into my two Thai daughters names. How old do they have to be to do this? One is six and the other 5weeks, this means that I can have land and when I die it goes to my family. Thanks

editor: A noble idea although you have a tough road to hoe. Land can be put in the name of a minor child, but an adult guardian must be appointed. For land ownership purposed the person must be 20 years old to take title without a guardian. There is a way to appeal for guardianship of a minor child: for example the guardianship document is a required document for a Non O visa which allows one to remain in the kingdom and take care of a minor child. However I’m not sure that even if you were the legal guardian it would work as far as the land transfer works (since you are a foreigner). There is a really informative related thaivisa post here: thaivisa post on age requirement for land ownership

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