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Land Office Survey Equipment

image img_0497survey.jpgMy confidence level hasn’t always been so high about the accuracy of land office surveys as done in Thailand. On a happy note however, during a recent land survey done by the land department, I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of the survey equipment. Here is the setup: On a fairly large parcel a couple of the official border posts had gone missing. So the surveyor was trying to estimate where the original post should have been, there would need to be a temporary marker put there. On one side is the surveyor with the survey box and on the other side is someone holding up a marking panel. The surveyor was setting the distance and telling the worker with the distance flag to move in 3 centimeters and then move forward 1 centimeter until the distance was just right. Then he inserted a temporary metal marking stake. The distance was about 70 meters. When the worker dug the hole to insert the temporary post he found the original border post buried under the ground at that exact location. I thought that was a pretty good hit.

Keep in mind that there are various kinds of survey equipment used by the land office. The latest and greatest survey equipment gets used on a case by case basis depending on various factors which will become apparent to those going through the process.

Today I went to check the location of the various border posts per the measurements provided. When I double check I’m just looking for any that are way off. One for no apparent reason happened to be off by about 3 meters in one direction and 1 meter in another direction. Easy to double check and correct it now instead of later!

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