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Land – Can a foreigner own it?

My friend and I keep having this conversation about land ownership. It goes something like this: him: Do you think you’ll ever be able to own land here? me: Well, that depends on your definition of own. him: Simply, can you own it? me: I suppose not, but you can control it with a lease or a company. him: So you’re telling me that someone has advised you that you can actually own land? me: No, not in so many words, but……

Thailand isn’t a place that is going to attract lots of foreign buyers for land for investment purposes. The notable exception, foreigners who like Thailand and wish to retire (or reside) here. Or foreigners who like to visit and want a place to come when they are here.

It is true that foreigners can buy condos in their names already (no land involved) and also the BOI can grant a special clearance for a foreign entity to buy land. THE GENERAL rule is this: YOU the foreigner cannot own land period.

The way I look at the overall picture is this: Buying any kind of real property is not as safe or secure as back home. Buying anything in a foreign country does entail some kind of risk. What doesn’t have risk? The stock market? I wish.

With the risks already there it seems like the most prudent course of action when buying a piece of land here is to do it in the best way possible considering Thai law and your personal situation. This will lead one to do either some type of lease agreement or achieve control via a majority Thai owned limited company.

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