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John’s Cool Thai Style House Photo Album

Here is a really neat photo Journal from John’s Cool Thai Style House Project (previous article here -> John’s Thai Style House ).

Link to the photos here: John’s Thai Style House Photo Album

The photos are a step by step chronology of the building of the house. I liked seeing how a wood panel ceiling is installed. John’s comments regarding the wood ceiling:

Re the wood ceiling, be careful. We actually had to start it twice. The first time the guy got about 25% through and the brackets he was using started to warp due to the weight he was putting on it. He had to start over again and lost about half of the wood he used to that point, by making cuts that he couldn’t use on the second go around.

The water tower is 8 meters tall (one of the last pics) and allows gravity feed up to the second story. John’s comments regarding the water tower

To the house it is all gravity fed. We only have the one pump pulling it up from the deep well (40 meters) into the filters and up to the tank.
The tower is 8 meters high. They wanted to make a six meter tower, but I was worried about natural water pressure. With a six meter tower, the second fllor shower head would have been about even with the water tank and I wanted to make sure there was no issue, something that would have been expensive as heck to correct later.

The pressure is great right now and I could have probably gotten away with a seven meter tower. The cost difference btwn a 6 and and 8 meter tower for me was less than 8,000 baht so in the end it was no big deal. The tower with a cement base (that has a holding pond 3,000 ltr inside the base) cost me about 34,000 baht. Looking directly at the house from the ground level in front, you can not see the tower and it is screened from the sides and rear by trees and bamboo.

One detail John is grappling with is whether and what type of screens to add to the natural wood open air windows.

The second floor screen issue is still one I am dealing with. My wife doesn’t want screens, and thinks we need to make sure we close the windows at night. For this area that stops about 98% of the mosquito problem, there are none really out in the daylight hours. I am thinking of getting soft nylon translucent screens that we can velcro up for inside select windows.
That way we can take them down as we see fit. We are still juggling with the issue, all I know is that we are not going to glass the windows up as it really cuts down on the air movement and does not look good from the outside. Due to the tile roof and cement ceiling with air movement the place actually stays cool most of the day and we don’t need a/c if the windows are open. I’ll get back to you on that one.


  1. cant make the photo album link work?

  2. hello John You have built a beautiful house. I am in the early design stages of my house and wish to adopt a similar roof design. It is clear that your main rafters are curved towards the eaves. How did you achieve that (steel or wood) Also, I see you have used a concrete roof tile. How have you ensured water tight roof at the junction where the roof tile changes pitch?

    How many changes of pitch have you in the roof profile. ie is it gradual or for example, three main junctions.

    Your time to answer these questions will be greatly appreciated..

    I too cannot activate your log of photos.

    Best Regards Kelvin

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