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Hand dug wells going dry

Hand dug wells are pretty effective if properly done. See a write up on water (including wells) here water. One important point is that when water is reached a pump is utilized so that the well can continue to be dug out deeper than the current water level. This is especially important since normally the well is not being dug at the low water level in the dry season.

As all of the wells around here are no going dry, except ours, it is no coincidence that the other well diggers: 1.) didn’t have a pump 2.) said ‘you don’t need to do that’ 3.) said ‘mai pen rai’ 3 times.

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  1. IMHO

    something often overlooked is that you dont want your weel to be polluted with surface water. this means you must be sure that the sides are properly grouted and wont let surface water seep in.

    surface water can contain all manner of nasties, insecticides, fertislizers and chicken pschitt etc

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