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Finding builders upcountry

from Harry & Emily M

Hi, I was very pleased to find your website today. I haven’t had a chance yet to really study it alot but I plan to do so over the coming couple of weeks.

I am an expat working in upcountry Thailand. I also have an apartment in BKK where my wife resides. During the week I stay upcountry.

I have recently leased 12 rai of farmland near Praphuttabat in Saraburi province. I wish to build a house on the land. So far I am having no luck finding any listings on the web or elsewhere for home builders that work upcountry. Any chance you can refer me to a website or other source for listings of reputable home builders? Or, do I need to just use the “word of mouth” approach in the Praphuttabat area?

Thanks for any advice you can provide. Once I get the project going I will contribute my story and experiences to your website.

I will much appreciate you keeping track of your project and sending your experiences as they materialize, the good, the bad and the ugly. As far a builders go, word of mouth is the best way to play it. Look for some foreign built houses within about a 40 kilometer radius of your building site. If you see a nice looking development or house, just stop in and inquire who the builder was. Then remember to get references and check on previous work product. If you don’t like this approach find a Thai legal assistant to track down some builders or use a translation service. I don’t think you’ll find much on the internet. You won’t have any trouble finding a list of capable Thai developers in all areas of Thailand. Good hunting!

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