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Fill Dirt for Property – 3 Rai

from Boon Mee My wife & I are planning to build on her 3 rai piece of property out in Suphanburi. The land was former rice paddy but the previous owner had brought in some fill dirt to maybe raise the level of the lot in some places three to four feet above the road grade.

There’s other spots where we have pools/ponds that I’ll have to fill but my question today is whether to #1: Sort out where exctly the pool will set and excavate that dirt. #2 Use the former pool dirt as far as it will go and bring in more or…erect the perimeter wall. Having three rai to surround will be a pain but it’s necessary.

editor: It is almost always better to have the perimeter wall erected first. This will be a barrier that keeps the fill dirt from slipping off of the land. Then your next task would be to excavate the pool and indeed use this as fill dirt as needed. Then finally bring in any other fill dirt needed.

one other cautionary note is that when digging for the foundation column I would recommend they do 1 meter below the level of the original soil. This will add expense but prevents many problems caused by easily shifting soil.


  1. see my comment s to dozer on house building up country.

    there are alternatives to fill dirt whcih you should consider ie a raised floor rather like the one posted for the californain house on this site. always beware of making termite traps. after 5 years you can really suffer, I know

    termite are endemic in all thai soils

    its impossible to completely eradicate termites from your soil

  2. Boon Mee back with another question: Can anyone give me an idea what is the “average” cost of 1 cu. meter of fill dirt perhaps called “din sai” and black dirt – “din dam” may be? My location is Suphanburi.

    Cheers, Boon Mee

  3. Actually the topsoil I’m after is called “Naa Din” Not “Din Dum”


    Boon Mee

  4. Naa din, or the best topsoil, was selling here in Pattaya from 1200 baht per 10 wheel truck load (the largest capacity truck, there are two sizes, 6 wheel and 10 wheel). Mrs. Dozer just commented that recently it has sold has high as 1500 baht. I’ve never priced it by cubic ft. The lowest grade ‘greenish’ tint (because it is dug for deep underground) fill is aroung 700 – 800 baht for a 10 wheeler, which defines the price range for soils of various grades, between 700 for the cheapest to around 1500 for about the most expensive.

  5. thanks dozer Trying to get a handle on cubic meter capacity of one of the 10 wheel trucks. In the states they typically hold 12 to 15 cubic yards which is roughtly 12.5 cubic meters.
    Does that number sound right? Thanks again!

  6. I think its more like 10 m3 which is about 20 tonnes medium dry

    you can measure this by taping around the box of the truck where it has solid sides (ie not like the fence bit on top.

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