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Feedback – Water Tanks

Dear Sir,

an enjoyable and informative read. I hope that you will continue to document the ongoing use of your project, and any future ones. regards


Watertanks as a note to supplement the issue of water tanks. City supply / water tank combo’s Through bitter experience I have found that the stainless steel tanks are generally welded using the incorrect materials. Either the stainless rots out or more commonly the impurities in the welds themselves corrode through. Either way a stainless tank has a life of about 18~24 months before leakage will occur. It may not be major leakage but enough to be annoying (and enough rust to turn your laundry dirty).

The other problem is that of water pressure.

If you are on city or water tank supply, it’s simple physics. Those with the lowest water tanks will still have water long after the higher ones have run dry. To sink a tank under your drive is not expensive and the plastic tanks are sturdy and less subject to degradation. It will also free up some yard space. Even if your supply is erratic the tank will trickle in and remain operational. Do ensure that your builder puts an adequate support under it though, you don’t want it settling badly.

Great points. On the stainless water tanks, there are different quality levels, I’m hoping that the ‘diamond’ brand (the most expensive) will hold up without the mentioned problem. Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately not… my last tank was a diamond. It lasted about 18 months then there were pinholes…. then repair attempts made it worse. The water here seems to be a little saline and it promotes the corrosion.

You have built a great page… I hope that you are content in your home.

Sounds correct, it could be related to the saline level of the water like you say. Would like to hear comments and perhaps if someone could send in a picture of this type of damage, I’d like to post it.

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