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Feedback from Robin T: Who are you?

feedback from Robin T

Hi I am enjoying your site very much and havent yet finished reading it all. I have a question. You do not explain on your site who you are or any bona fides. Can you reassure me that you are not affilliated in any way to commercial builders, realtors or other such parties who have obvious vested interests? I hope you don’t mind my question (I believe that you are probably a generous minded soul wanting to spread the knowledge amongst the rest of us residents for mutual benefit – great)!

I have numerous tidbits I can let you have on such matters as land ownership, title deeds, rainwater harvesting, washing machines, termites,electrics, wall insulation and so on culled from more than 20 years in thailand on and off. I would be glad to share this with fellow homeowners – there are some really nitty problems still out there.

Basically, I’m just an expatriate guy who decided to build a house here. My only real experience prior to this project was listening to problems my friends had had. Normally it wasn’t too specific, just something like ‘the finish work just wasn’t very good’, although there were other cases were I got the full blow by blow. About a year prior to this project, I started watching some building projects and asking questions about how different things were done here. I am able to speak and write Thai which I have found to be of great benefit when gathering information for the site. I plan on doing a web log (blog) part of the site where I write up observations on any aspect of real estate that I think is interesting and sharing information supplied by readers.

There are various factors that led me to doing this site. First off, I did notice that no one had posted any very helpful information out there. Mostly, there are only a few real estate companies with web sites – with some generic information like ‘check out the detail work of the house before you decide to buy it’. Secondly, I wanted to record the building process in detail, even if I didn’t do the web site, as a record of what was done at each step of the way. But the thing that finally motivated me to decide to post this information up was all of the poor construction techniques I noted. At one ‘luxury’ development, during the construction phase’, I was told that I couldn’t take pictures. GEE, it isn’t a casino, why all the secrecy??? I could see why – they were doing blatant substandard construction. Then there were other developers and I could see the poor techniques there were using, as an attempt to save a few bucks but cause endless problems for the poor home owners. I don’t say corner cutting happens 100% of the time, or even 50%, but it is often enough that it does cause one to shudder a bit. There are a lot of more serious problems in the world than a few foreigners get short changed, but for some reason this is a problem that really ‘bugs’ me. One other thing, I have found that ‘some’ expats involved in the building trade themselves are less than helpful and rather more expensive to deal with than the locals. So that was the motivation to start the site, and I am expecting and appreciating to add feedback information to share with other expats from knowledgeable persons like yourself.

I have been offered money to market properties on the web site, but I side stepped that whole conversation because the properties were sub standard (this even before I had formulated the web site at all). And in any event, now I want to keep the site purely non-commercial.

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