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Feedback – Falang scum and experts

feedback #2 from Robin T

I am in a similar boat maybe. I have been associated with thailand for 20 odd years and can speak rough thai fairly well, I have spent the last 5 years living up in khorat area, having grown heartily sick of pattaya and the rubbish that has recently come to reside. My experience is limited to rural housing, but that in itself offer serious challenges to the grey matter.

I am busy reading through all of your excellent site. I wholly applaud your generous efforts and your decision to stay impartial – no secret agendas and vested interest. IMHO you should banner this loud and clear on your web site as it is an important plus feature that will im sure attract a lot of interest as things progress

IMHO: In my honest opinion.

I am compiling a set of comment s for your use together with some piccies. I hope to send these in the next few days, hope they prove useful, its my blog of learning the hard way.

I also think that you may have hit on a neat little niche here for the would be house builder. Of course if your are a retired builder then you dont need much help from a site like this (ha ha – here comes another know-it-all jack-the-lad new to pattaya – so many of them aren’t there?). If you are a simple soul with perhaps a little diy skill then you certainly need all the help you can get.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Why is it all the ‘farang experts’ get screwed the worst?

Up country the prices are much lower labourer 150b/day semi skilled 200 fully skilled with tools 250 foreman 350

This sounds about the same as here. Here the going day labor rate for skilled with some tools is 250 a day with unskilled (laborer) at about 170. However, normally it is hard to find a good day laborer yourself, they are all working with builders that bring them in. The locals that do construction only like to do fixed price bids, they will bid on anything – but will not do day labor. When you figure out how many days they end up working ‘on the bid’ they end up getting about 400 a day. Oh, by the way, for day laborers here it normally it is customary for the hirer to supply food.

And they were a good quality gang that never gave me one nervous moment.

i dont know how this compares with pattaya? I have often been asked if I can find work for them in pattaya. since i moved back down here 2 months ago i can see all the frantic building going on.

I have also met some real rubbish falangs, conmen, estate agents, builders, terrible low life waiting to prey on the unsuspecting newcomer who thinks he will be ok cos a falang is taking care of things. Zero professionalism anywhere – nightmare

Another great observation. I think sometimes a newbie can be overwhelmed about getting stuff done here and there is a whole class of falang scum set up to prey on these poor souls.

Will send my stuff shortly keep up the excellent work




  1. I had a farang architect design a beautiful and very unusual style house. He told me he had a friend who would construct it. After an initial quote (I had stipulated a budget to the architect) and a month of excuses for not pricing etc, he finally turned up yesterday and doubled the price, saying he’d included ‘light fittings’ and tv points!. I’ve had enough of the farang rip offs and con men crawling all over this island, and have decided to do it myself. However, the house design is just that, a design. No working drawings. As I said, it’s very unusual with rooms leading off on differing levels (I’ve also been told I will need a proper working drawing to submit to the local or bor jor, council). I’m thinking of trying to contact an architect and quantity surveyor (of course giving him/her the local price of materials) in perth (nearest english speaking and lateral thinking). I have in mind a local thai builder just to construct the house. So if there are any australians out there with any recommendations for a decent architect, and any other comments would be welcome.

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