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Feedback – Are Thais Honest?

feedback from Russell W

Very interesting site

I find though you thought that you find thais be honest conflicting with the stories you tell.

Just the other day I unknowingly dropped 200 baht at the market and a Thai shopper picked it up and ran after me to give it back. Stories like this happen all the time and in this sense I think Thais are pretty honest. I don’t tell these stories on this site because it would just be too boring!

There was a study done a few years back to determine the most honest nationality. A researcher would plant a 50 dollar bill (or equivalent) of cash on a bar and leave. The spot was being recorded. If the person who found the money took it, this was recorded as ‘not honest’. If the person handed it in to the bar this was recorded as ‘honest’. Singapore was the most honest. As I recall, Thailand ranked 3rd or 4th. This showed that Thais are pretty honest.

Pattaya has developed as a huge market for building and selling houses to expats. Of course there will be some hanky panky going on — it’s only natural. First off, sadly, farangs who land often want to throw around a great deal of money before they have any idea what they’re doing. I think in any country in the world, if you introduce a whole influx of people that want to be parted from their money in the worst way, it will make some of the local populace do things that ‘aren’t honest’. One thing for sure, don’t think just because you’ve got a falang looking after things for you — you’re OK. Expat businessmen here can be pretty scummy. In general you’ll be much worse off it you get hooked up with a dishonest expat than a dishonest Thai. That is because the expat will be looking for the big score, where the Thai will be going for the easy money.

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