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Lighting Considerations

image DSC04035.JPGAs far as lighting goes, I have some reflections after living here for a while. Here the ceiling is 3.2 meters high, which is typical. I like the look of recessed lighting, so I had it installed throughout.

The first mistake here is too many recessed lighting fixtures. When doing the layout I was trying to avoid poorly illuminated areas, but instead I just have unnecessary ceiling clutter and too much draw down on electricity. The recessed lighting still won’t really provide adequate lighting for reading for example, as it isn’t designed to do so.

That is where you should strategically place wall lighting. In a 5 x 3.5 meter room 3 recessed lighting fixtures (of the 6 ” size) are probably sufficient (where I used 6 which is overkill). In a house the size of the coolthaihouse (126.5 square meters) I would probably have 3 or four wall lights at predetermined positions.

It is a matter of taste of course, the thing that I learned is that no matter how many recessed fixtures you have it isn’t really that good for reading for example, and normally 1 wall light gives adequate light to power an entire large room. The recessed lighting, especially driven by a dimmer, sets the tone of the room, but the wall lighting which is lower down on the wall is the work horse of the operation.

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