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East Pattaya sub 2m Housing Project

image dsc20500.jpgIn my land quest I stumbled across a very attractive housing development. I haven’t been following the development so I can’t attest to the overall construction quality, but thought it was worth a mention since the units are fairly inexpensive and very attractive.

Basics: construction is of red brick. Roof tiles are chang brand high end tiles. There are three different plans ranging from land area of 65 sq. wah to 100 sq. wah with prices as follows: * small = 1.62 million baht * medium = 1.85 million baht * large = 2.1 million baht

There were built in wood cabinets. Aluminum windows. Indented ceiling. Large rounded aluminum window structure in guest room.

This development has central water (ie. each unit does not have its own well). The yearly maintenance fees are 6000 baht.

image dsc20503.jpgThere is also an attractive 18 meter community pool with kids wading area and waterfall. Use of the pool however is not free for residents.

Name of the complex is Pattaya Paradise Village.

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