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day labor and tools

An interesting question about day laborers and tools. Our group here, who really does have a pretty good collection of tools said that we should be paying for the tool usage. They are now doing a metal gate which requires a welder and metal cutter. Happy with their work so far so we agreed on 50 baht a day for the tools.

Upcountry (ie. outside of tourist areas) contractors often work on daily rates and are expected to have their own tools. Those without tools will simply never get work. In tourist areas (at least in Pattaya) about 95% of work is done via the ‘fixed price bid’ (mauw). The fixed price bid allows the contractor to essentially receive more that the going day labor rate. With a fixed price bid of course all tools, etc. are provided. The fixed price bid does obviously have some advantages over the daily rate and it depends on the circumstances which is preferable.

We also let one of the workers have the use of an old motorcycle. I at first said, well, we should deduct some rental for the moto – after all, fair is fair. Then they explained that the worker using the motorcycle is not the same one who owns the tool. How could I argue with that?

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  1. IMHO one should never entyer into any agreement to loan tools an other conveniences, its asking to be taken advantage of. remember if you do something overly generous, you do not gain respect, quite the opposite, they think you are stuppid and will reward your kindness with even more cheating.

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