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Reader Paul R to Build in Chumpon I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw your website. It was the best source for objective home building info in Thailand on the internet. My wife & I are moving to Chumpon area ( moving from Seattle) early in the new year, and we want to build. The house will be concrete brick construction and I loved your idea about the air space between the bricks. We have relatives in Bankok and will be visiting them in January. Any info you can send us regarding suppliers,building advice,things you would differently the next time etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

editor: Thanks for the compliments and glad you like the site. I tried to set up what I would have liked to see before I starting building — and found virtually nothing out there.
As far as general building advice, see dozer’s building laws
A modified double wall construction I observed recently is documented here double wall with Styrofoam. I like this better than air insulation. The combination red brick outside with cement block interior is ‘primo’.
The standard depth for piling shafts (the holes used as for the foundation pillars) is 1 meter in depth on a one story building (on a condo it is up to 14 meters in depth). I would recommend extra depth — have the shafts dug to at least 1.5 meters. More about foundation columns here foundation columns
There is a post on some specific project hindsight here hindsight
Please keep me advised as to your progress…

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