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coolthaihouse, how long did it take?

from James Great site, very informative. My house is in the process of being built in Nakhon Phanom. I’m in the USA while my Thai wife is supervising the building for a month before I get there. How long did it take to complete your home?

editor: It ended up taking 6 months, which is a very long build cycle. The standard contract calls for damages if not completed in 3 months, but it would be unlikely one would try to collect on late charges. If not rushed, I suggest giving builders plenty of time. There are a lot of pressures on the builders, you don’t want to add severe time pressure in also. If anything you want to adopt a ‘take your time’ attitude (yes, assuming that you have subcontracted and aren’t paying day labor). The builders will always work at a scurrying pace no matter what you say anyway. As far as this build there were some problems which I cover elsewhere that added to the delay. If I was doing this project again I would expect completion in 4 months. Good luck on your project.

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