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There is a new addition to the coolthaihouse web site: the coolthaihouse forum. You can check it out here: coolthaihouse forum.

The idea is to allow more interactivity with readers of coolthaihouse. You’ll be able to post your experiences, questions or whatever directly to the forum. As we are all aware of with forums, one of the downsides is they become littered with so much dibble (flaming, off topic comments, and just general bs) that you eventually can’t really find anything of substance there anymore. So, the goal of this forum is not volume, but quality and clarity.

The blog will become once again more of my personal soapbox about my experiences and thinking about all things to do with construction here…… Please continue to post comments as before.

I apologize in advance, you will need a separate user id/logon for both the blog and the forum for the time being…….

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