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Cool Thai House meeting of Contributors

OK, I’ll be off the air for a while (like a month), as least as far as the blog goes. Wanted to say thanks to all the contributors on the forum and blog. There have been a lot of good information coming in. Here are some that come to mind, mega testing electrical and what it means, use a tensioner at the corner of barbed wire section, different types of deep water pumps along with pros and cons, and a bunch of others. I encourage everyone to take a few photos now and then and upload them to the forum. I have on my list to get thumbnail photos working, I think there is a problem with my host with respect to this.

While I’m out I’ll still be checking the net, but don’t expect any quick turnaround on anything!

I’ve been coincidentally running into more and more coolthaihouse readers. It’s a good thing, someone mentions this neat site about construction and references the Spanish Style Villa as a really coolly constructed build. In that vein I’d like to propose a quarterly get together over dinner somewhere in Pattaya. I’m thinking the first one will be about mid October. Let me know via comments here if you’re interested. I think Cruzing and Mr. Cruzing (of Spanish Style Villa fame) will be there. We’ll target about 5 people for the first one!


  1. By the way, the date for this dinner is now 15th September, it is RSVP, there will be about 5 members + so coming for a cozy meeting. You need to email or PM me if you are in Pattaya area and want to attend on the 15th as I’m doing arrangements via email.

  2. OK, this turned out to be a nice arrangement, 9 total showed up and not only were the eats good, but there was some lively discussion about construction related and non construction related stuff. Next one will potentially be 15 January of next year.

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