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Construction Workers getting from Point A to B

Sometimes observing Thai workers can be fun. There is a two story building going up across from here. They now have the columns framed on the second story, which reach upwards about 3 1/2 meters. The columns have been poured.

This morning a worker wanted to wet down all the columns, about 15 of them. So he took a small pail of water and climbed up the first column and carefully poured it slowly inside the framing. He did the same on the second column.

Then he paused for a moment thinking of a better way to accomplish the same thing. So he got the pail of water and positioned himself about a foot from the third column. Then he threw the water up in the air, hoping it would come down on the top of the column. It didn’t, so he repeated the exercise. Of course by this time water was going everywhere. Finally he did get a direct hit.

Then on to the next column, same thing! I can’t say much for efficiency, but at least he didn’t have to climb any more columns.

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