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Cinderblocks come in various sizes

image dsc20843.jpgIt is nice to know that the often maligned cinderblocks do come in various shapes and sizes. The ones commonly manufactured are the small size blocks. The medium size and large size ones are specialty items. The two larger sizes appear to be more solid and sturdy. You can do the drop test which I outlined under the basic materials section. Simply hold the block at shoulder level and drop it on a soft surface. Poorly manufactured blocks simply shatter on impact.

The sizes and weights of the blocks are as follows: * small 6.5 cm wide x 39 cm long x 18 cm high 6 – 6.5 kg. each * medium 9 cm wide x 39 cm long x 19 cm high 7.5 kg. each * large 14 cm wide x 39 cm long x 18 cm high 12.5 kg each

The medium and large blocks have openings which are equidistant throughout. On the small blocks, the opening is either closed at one end, or narrow at one end. Therefore, the small blocks cannot be laid and concrete filled — a technique I’ve seen used for the Spanish style villa and underground water tank both of which utilize the heavier blocks.

Another interesting block article is here Cinderblock – is it a shortcut

Although a cinderblock house will use a lot of blocks, their cost is inconsequential compared to the overall cost of the project — since they are so cheap to begin with. Say a house uses a couple of thousand blocks – that is only 7000 baht. The small size blocks are just over 3 baht apiece. The medium blocks are about 5.5 baht apiece and the large blocks are over 10 baht apiece. Increasing quality at this level is a good move and cost effective. The cinderblocks are easier to lay than red brick and the medium or large blocks, in my opinion are a better option than the red brick.

The medium and large blocks are harder to find since they are not commonly produced. Things here tend to get reduced to the lowest common denominator, ie. the cheapest products which are widely used tend to be the only ones you can find. I do have the number of a factory which produces and will deliver the higher grade blocks but you’ll need to email me for the number


  1. I am in Jomtien and will build a small place south of here…please send me the phone number of the factory for the large blocks

  2. That type of info is already out there in the forum. The link to that post is heavy cinderblock source forum article

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