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cinderblock drop test

image dsc20966.jpgAlthough the standard cinderblock typically sells for a standard price, all cinderblock is not created equal. I’ve had the misfortune of paying a high price (about 4 baht apiece) to get some blocks at a home mart. When I got them back the worker eyed them and said they weren’t strong. He showed me the following test of dropping the block from shoulder height on a dirt surface.

If the block is of good quality it won’t shatter on impact. However you can only use this test on ‘seasoned’ blocks, those that have dried at least 2 weeks.

windows media player movie of block test

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  1. Hi

    very sound advice, block in khorat range from 2.5 to 4 baht

    all cement work needs to cure for 2-3 weeks to gain full strength

    I think this subject has been touched on elswhere, perhaps Dozer could insert some links?

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