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Cheap house for sale in Ko Chang

image Bang-Bao.jpgImage: Living right on the water in beautiful Ko Chang. This inexpensive bungalow sits right on the water. Convenient access to all ocean side activities.

Just kidding….. from Peter M For some humor, I’ve attached a photo of my first thai house purchased seven years ago in a small fishing village in Ko Chang. I had originally bought it as a retreat place for holidays when I lived overseas. But when I actually moved to Bangkok and became a city dweller, I lost interest and visited it twice a year. Strangely, this past September I received a call from an interested party. Threes days before the deal, it suddenly collapsed into the water. However, the party still purchased the house at a reduction price of 20,000 baht! And I still doubled my money.


  1. I assume it was on wooden piles of substandard wood (Eucalyptus for example)

    Perhaps the new owner would like to correspond here

    On a beach near me we have floating houses like that built on pontoons? good idea can send piccies

  2. Would love to see the pix. Actually, it was an idea cause once the road came in…so did all the greed and late night karoake bars ! Loved my place but hated the side effects of modern civilization!

  3. There are some real houses for sale on Ko Chang here:

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